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Do Your Customers Even Know What You Are Selling?

Your homepage not only needs to look nice but you also need to be telling people what your website is about. Here is the challenge, you have less than 3 seconds to tell people what you do. Attention deficit is a big problem with internet browsers. Studies have even shown that people actually read differently when they are sitting in front of a computer. Yet you are not trying to capture everyones attention, you are trying to capture the right people’s attention. Your homepage needs to appeal to your fans and not to everyone. The more specific you are the better. A bad homepage with too much going is actually going to drive visitors away from your site. A homepage should be clean and crystal clear with links to the relevant sections of the site. People should not need to guess what your website is about. Think of the difference Ikea has over other furniture stores. Ikea’s layout is designed to be simple with minimal thinking because humans are prone to automatic action. Humans don’t want to think at all. Ikea use all their research to design the perfect shopping experience. Your website can be a joy to use if you take the same approach. The difference is that you don’t need Ikea’s massive billion dollar budget. You just need a good web design. The great thing about the web is that if you commit to working with the right designer, you can keep tweaking the design until it’s perfect.

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Sustain the helpful job and bringing in the group!

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