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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising And Should You Do It?

Pay Per Click advertising has been around for several years now, but what exactly is it? You might have heard the phrase, or its abbreviation PPC.
You might also have heard people talking about Google AdWords, the most widely used form of PPC advertising. So, what is PPC advertising?

Damien McGinley 23-Nov-2015 0 Comments
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What The Colour Of Your Logo Says About Your Brand

When it comes to logos and brands, colour has more than an aesthetic purpose. There is a whole psychology involved in the use of colour in marketing.
Colour helps to define brands, and it can even influence people’s decisions on whether or not to buy.

Damien McGinley 23-Nov-2015 0 Comments
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Online Spending is on the Increase!!

Online Spending is on the increase...
Are you one of the 25% of Irish Business' without a website missing out on a share of the €8.4 billion being spent online by Irish Consumers every year.
04-Jun-2014 0 Comments
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Do Your Customers Even Know What You Are Selling?

Your homepage not only needs to look nice but you also need to be telling people what your website is about. Here is the challenge, you have less than 3 seconds to tell people what you do.

Attention deficit is a big problem with internet browsers. Studies have even shown that people actually read differently when they are sitting in front of a computer. Yet you are not trying to capture everyones attention, you are trying to capture the right people’s attention.

Your homepage needs to appeal to your fans and not to everyone. The more specific you are the better.

William Kennedy 31-Mar-2014 1 Comments
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The power of social media and hows it's being used for the greater good...

Leighann Nolan 24-Mar-2014 0 Comments
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Famous Brand Colours

An interesting graphic which shows the way major companies and brands use colours to convey their
Leighann Nolan 12-Mar-2014 0 Comments
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